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Advice on renting an apartment for six months in puerto de santiago

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 4:23pm
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My name is Mary.  I am thinking about moving to Puerto de Santiago area of Tenerife around November 2020.  I would like to rent a one bedroomed apartment with sea views from November 2020 to say April 2021.

My plan is to rent out my property in Ireland for those six months and return to Ireland in May and remain there until the following November etc. and then repeat the process.

I speak a little Spanish and plan to take more classes when I get settled. I don't intend to work there but will be happy to explore the island, read, take online courses and attend classes in whatever interests me while I am there.

I am not quite at retirement age but am in retirement mode.

I am looking forward to making new friends and enjoying life there.

I know about obtaining an NIE number and the Empadroniamento which I intend to attend to as soon as I arrive.

What is the expected rental price for a one bedroomed apartment in this are with sea views?  Any advice would be most welcome. 

Un salud.

Dennis G

Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:29am

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Location: Alcala

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:29am

Hi Mary, presuming you an EU citizen you should be able to do what you are planning; if not (e.g. you are British) then unless the rules are changed for UK citizens (and/or those of the other 60 odd non-EU countries affected via the Schengen agreements) you will only be allowed a maximum of 3 months stay in a rolling 6 months w.e.f. 1.Jan.2021.

That also applies to property owners here (& paying non-resident income taxes) who, if things don’t change, will NOT be allowed to enter the country at all even to deal with any issues which might arise at their homes after they have had 90 days use of them in any 180 days period......, until a fresh start after a 90 day absence.

We all hope something will change and a permanent solution may be organised, or at least that  the ‘transitional’ period up to the end of 2020 be extended (but Boris is against doing that). 

For our part if nothing changes we are abandoning our normal plan to be here Oct-Dec, because we would NOT be able to here in January to March.

This whole situation may possibly make it easier for you and EU citizens to find property to rent of course.

You should be able to get a one bed at say Balcon (or even a 2 bed for a 3/6 month hire) via Astliz agents perhaps, for about 600 Euros per month. Don’t go over 183 days in any calendar year whatever you do!

Hope this helps. 

Good luck anyway.

See you at Bar Central!


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